ALIEN: The Adora Files is an uncommercial ALIEN homage created by the German designer and director Felix Christian Berner ( ).

This film is an ALIEN homage and about a space ship crew which is fighting and losing against some deadly alien drones. The ship on which all hell is breaking lose is called the U.S.S. Adora, which belongs to TYRAN Industries, a kind of new evil and corrupt company in the alien universe and which is a competitor and contender of WEYLAND-YUTANI. The film takes place between Sir Ridley Scott's Alien, the game "Alien Isolation" and Cameron's Aliens.

ALIEN: The Adora Files is an uncommercial homage and is classified as non-profit art. All characters. logos, identities and names appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or existing things is purely coincidental. The content is for private use only and may not be sold, rented or used for any commercial enterprise in any way, shape or form. All intellectual property and rights belong to Felix Berner, SEGA, Creative Assembly Limited and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. This homage relates to ALIEN: Isolation © by SEGA and Creative Assembly Limited and Alien TM & © by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


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